It pains us to admit, but stress is an unavoidable fact of life. (Even admitting that was stressful!). Stress affects everyone, in different forms, whether it comes from a spat with a sibling, a poor performance appraisal at work, or a “bad drive” on the highway. Excess stress can rob the body of essential nutrients, particularly B vitamins, and lower the effectiveness of the immune system. This is why we often find ourselves fighting up with the cold and flu more often when we’re juggling too many things at once [source]. We can accept it as part of our lives, but that doesn’t mean we’re powerless over it! Practising yoga, daily meditation and keeping a gratitude journal contribute immensely to lowering stress levels over the long term, but how can we manage anxiety and tension causing moments in the here and now?

Light it Up

Aromatherapy is a scientifically proven way to naturally lower your stress level. Light a lavender candle or incense stick in a quiet space, and take slow, deep, calming breaths to restore your peace of mind. [Source]

Laugh it off

A cliché is a cliché because it’s true. Laughter really is the best medicine! A good laughing session lowers cortisol, the stress hormone, and raises your levels of endorphins, the “feel-good’ chemical produced naturally in your body. Take time out of your day to for a good “old talk” session with your work mates for an instant stress buster. [Source]

Sing it Out

Gridlock traffic on the way home can send your blood pressure sky high…or it can be an opportunity to belt your favourite tunes at the top of your lungs! Play “Traffic Karaoke” with your kids to pass the time, or if you’re riding alone, bop and groove to your favourite power soca tunes! Listening to the music you love lowers blood pressure, heart rate and even anxiety, and provides a welcome distraction to the bumper to bumper afternoon commute. [Source]

Take Your Supplements

Most people either don’t remember to eat properly when under loads of stress, or use their favourite snacks and junk food as coping mechanisms. When B complex vitamins are depleted through poor eating habits, they are no longer fully available for energy production and proper mental function. This is why you often experience tiredness, stomach upset, a variety of nervous ailments, and lowered immunity to colds, viral infections, and other diseases in stressful periods. B vitamins helps your nervous system by reducing anxiety, depression, irritability, and nervousness. Jamieson B 100 Complex supplies 100 mg/mcg of every B vitamin essential for stress relief, in time-diffused caplets to gradually release these important nutrients over 6 to 8 hours so juggling a tough work day with a demanding personal schedule is no challenge at all! [Source]


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